The Company

Experts in IT for Logistics and Free Trade Zones

Our Mission

To contribute to our clients’ success

by applying our knowledge of the logistics

and customs sectors as well as

our advanced technology.

We know the logistics business

CYBERNET started creating computerized solutions for logistics management in 1982. Our software is used in diverse industries such as: building & construction, distribution, among others. In the last few years we have focused on the Free Trade Zone and Bonded Warehouse businesses, and our solutions have been successfully adopted in several countries.

Our Field: Free Trade Zones

We at CYBERNET know the Free Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses business in depth, and we support our customers’ business strategies through stable software solutions that are customized and delivered on time.

We have great experience in software consulting and development, and we are consultants to international agencies and governments in the customs area.

We create reliable solutions

We deliver leading-edge, multiplatform software solutions. We build on our accumulated know-how in developing customized software bringing to your business applications that are stable, reliable and flexible enough to adapt to the real world. Our technology partners include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and GeneXus.

We understand your needs. We deliver solutions.

Leadership in logistics operations depends on knowing the business and implementing your solutions fast. Keeping this competitive edge and gaining new ones depends, to a great extent, on developing your human resources and on your company’s IT support. Quality in logistics operations comes from many people working together as a team, with flexibility and speed, and understanding how what they do fits the framework of your company’s strategy.

We at CYBERNET are experts in IT applications for logistics management: we know the business, and we have the best solutions.

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